Bubble: burst

It’s all bullet trains and views of Mt. Fuji until you realize that as a woman, the sound of your pee is shameful, something to be disguised. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to make prolonged and distasteful gargling sounds  at public bathroom sinks and to not disguise the sound of a shared bidet washing your coochie.


* I don’t know why I bother writing this but you should know by now that I like living in Tokyo. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. But one thing that I can’t fail to notice is my attitude change over the years from being a uni exchange student, to an independent student, to a Kaisha bitch (not to be confused with an OL). I’ve long since considered Tokyo my adopted home, albeit temporary, and along with that comes all the minor annoyances of daily life that you can find anywhere with a slight Japanese twist. I’ve noticed this among friends and acquaintances and no matter your initial reason for coming to Japan, at some point your bubble will burst.


4 thoughts on “Bubble: burst

  1. Dorinchu says:

    Love the way you write!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Yup. And snuffling a head full of snot is many times more acceptable than blowing your nose in public.

  3. Totally agree!! Gargling and cutting finger nails in the office…. then acting all prissy at the toilet. Sigh. I love your blog so much!!!

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