Little did I know, starting work at a Japanese company would lead me to become one of the world’s most vocal opponents of the Sound Princess, the small pink button on Japanese toilets that, when pushed, will awaken the sound of a roaring waterfall to cover any unbecoming sounds (read: any sound whatsoever) your body may make. I suppose you could say I am obsessed with the Sound Princess and everything it stands for. Now I look at it as a metaphor for my daily grind pushing paper in the cubicles of Tokyo. I will not be silenced.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I thought you’d come up with the name, but no matter, it is still the most clever J-blog title out there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toilets_in_Japan#The_Sound_Princess

  2. Thank you kindly! I’m pretty sure I was using the term before it was cool (or Wiki’d). I simply started with a direct translation of its Japanese name, so likely it was initially conceived by the good folks over at Toto.

  3. Locohama says:

    That is a very clever name…I see them when i go to love hotels but i never knew what they were called (-: Only that my companion would use it to religiously…

  4. Jenn Peters says:

    So wish this blog would come back. One of my favourites and still missed!

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