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Bubble: burst

It’s all samurai and geisha until someone pukes in the elevator of your apartment building over the weekend and doesn’t deign to clean it up. So much for Japanese politeness! Thank god I pay 10,000 a month to a maintenance man who will get the chance to deal with it the next time he is in! Maybe the puker decided to leave it so that it would get dry and crusty, and thus easier to chisel off.


* I don’t know why I bother writing this but you should know by now that I like living in Tokyo. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. But one thing that I can’t fail to notice is my attitude change over the years from being a uni exchange student, to an independent student, to a Kaisha bitch (not to be confused with an OL). I’ve long since considered Tokyo my adopted home, albeit temporary, and along with that comes all the minor annoyances of daily life that you can find anywhere with a slight Japanese twist. I’ve noticed this among friends and acquaintances and no matter your initial reason for coming to Japan, at some point your bubble will burst.